Gold shino teapot

The Pottery

Since high school, I've loved working with clay, primarily using the potter's wheel. I also enjoy using a variety of hand-building techniques both separately and in conjunction with my thrown work. My goal is to create unique ware that challenges, but insists on utility - delicacy, unaccountable mechanics, unique materials, manipulated forms, and surprise - play a part in much of my work.

I have a fine arts degree from UMass, and studied at UConn and Kent State University as well. I've been influenced by great potters, colleagues, and students: Guy Wolff, our local home-town potter mesmerized me when I visited him while in high school; Bridget (Bea) Duxbury of Penzance, Cornwall, UK pushed me over the edge with her amazing throwing skills. Malcolm Wright of Turnpike Road Pottery in Vermont showed me how fluid throwing can be. I could write chapters about those who have influenced me over the years!

Porcelain Cut Teapot


I began teaching at the Interlaken School of Art (now IS183) in Stockbridge, MA in 1995. I loved it, and subsequently have taught high-school and middle school art/ceramics, and in art organizations in New England and the DC region. I teach regularly at Hinckley Pottery in Georgetown, DC, and Something Earthy Pottery in Laytonsville, MD where I host Raku workshops, handbuilding and wheel classes. I consult on all things ceramics including studio equipment, kilns, and studio systems.

Handbuilt Box

Everything else

Pottery is my passion, but so too is the environment. I still hang clothes out to dry, and recently had solar panels installed. I work at Community Forklift, a reuse center in Hyattsville, MD dedicated to saving the good stuff that gets into the waste stream, and redistributing it through sales or giving to the community. We are a green business, and provide good local jobs for the community at our 40,000 square foot warehouse. When in DC, one must see Community Forklift! I'm married to Naan Pocen, of Naan creates magnificant and practical clothing and puts her education in sartorial design to good use! Naan is also a beader and published author Check out her website for more information! We live in Maryland with Naan's artist/daughter Siobhan and our cat Lucifero.